Our mission

As a Fifa agent I developed the idea and desire to build an online scouting database to promote the value of individual sportsmen and introduce them across international professional leagues.

Through a network of observers, mainly deployed across Europe, South America and Africa, we offer a global consulting service for professional football clubs wishing to improve their teams – especially their youth sectors, which are the future business of international football.

The goal of our services is to win “financial” titles, through capital gains, for football clubs who avail of our services.

Our services

Sports consulting

Sportsmen shall follow planned growth paths aimed at improving their performances within professional environments that match their technical and environmental characteristics.

Organisation of pre-season training venues

Organisation of friendly matches

Development of LED technology lighting systems for club sites and their sport facilities

Who our services are addressed to

Our services are addressed to professional and amateur football clubs, sportsmen wishing to become professionals and sponsors wishing to support us to build a platform where all the stakeholders of the world of sports can meet to build partnerships in all areas of the world of sports.

For Football Clubs

For Sportsmen

For Sponsors